per La recuperació
de L'origen


B.R.O.T. emerged from the collaboration
of like-minded individuals, with the aim of :
captivating and inspiring through
respect for our land.

Our purpose is to give voice to the biodynamic vinegrowers in our region, who work the land with passion and dedication, but whose valuable effort is not properly valued. We strive to change this situation and give them the recognition they deserve. They are the true heroes of this project, and we reflect it in every bottle.

As a committed collective, we deeply value our land and make every effort to preserve our roots. We are a dynamic and exciting project that is constantly evolving. Our goal is to add more and more biodynamic winemakers and grow together, step by step.

Thus, we carve out a path of gradual and constant growth, getting closer and closer to our shared vision. We are dedicated to emphasize the significance of our origin and communicate it through our products, with the hope that they generate a unique emotional connection and serve as a living testament to the dedication of each farmer and our love for the land.


Biodynamic plays a fundamental role in promoting balance in the soil, allowing us to discover the inherent harmony within each vineyard. We focus on working with unique vines capable of expressing the terroir. Our goal is to achieve balanced yields, thereby enabling each plot to mirror the unique characteristics of its terroir and the specific attributes of each vintage.

In the winery, we strive to move away from standardization and allow the wine to showcase its authenticity. To achieve this, we select indigenous yeasts and conduct separate vinifications for each plot. In this way, we cherish and preserve the unique identity of each one of them.

Our wine range includes a refreshing Pet-nat and two starter-level wines: Blanc Inicial, which is a blend of Xarel·lo, Riesling, and Macabeo, and Negre Inicial, made from the Tempranillo variety. The blends are flexible and may vary from one vintage to another. Additionally, we offer two single-plot expressions that stand out for their production through different skin macerations, revealing greater complexity and character.

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