Biodynamic vinegrowers who work the land with passion and dedication are the soul of our collective. Often, their effort and dedication do not receive the recognition they deserve. Our purpose is to give them a voice and ensure that their work is not only valued but also celebrated in every bottle we produce. 

We are part of a team where we find a space for collaboration and support, as well as a source of constant inspiration. We share concerns and challenges, creating a bond that constantly drives us to excel. In this environment, each of us feels that our work is appreciated and respected. This sense of belonging and recognition strengthens our commitment to the project and our passion for what we do.

” The practice of biodynamics teaches us to pay attention to details, not only in the field but also in the smallest aspects of our life.”

Jordi Vallès

” Biodynamics is about giving life to the earth.”

Roser Vendrell

” Biodynamics transcends the act of cultivation; it becomes a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our lives.”


” For me, working he land is synonymous with freedom.


” Once you become part of biodynamics, you only wish to keep learning.”


” Biodynamics brings life to the vineyard. Now, as we walk through it, we observe an increase in the presence of rabbits, hares, and a growing diversity of fauna.”